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Irish, Noddy & Stretch in the Sutherland Bowlo Spring Triples Carnival

Sutherland BC Tournament

The intrepid team of Alan “Stretch” Goodwin, Stuart “Noddy” Wright” and Cathal “Irish” Geraghty set sail for the Shire Monday 19th October for their annual assault and quest for the "Treasures of Smaug." Setting out early from Clovelly, it soon became apparent that Nod and been hard at his usual pre-game hydration the night before, only throwing the odd snore into the front seat conversation.

Drawing a local side first round on the back green, things were looking rosy early on with Stretch hitting his straps from the first bowl and setting up his team for a healthy win. Next game was played out the front green against the highly favoured Taren Point Team lead by Bob Bartlett. A strong start from Clovelly with Irish sending down a stack of “pearlers” saw a bit of the relaxed approach of Bartlett's team evaporate to fight back to a 3 point lead after 11 ends. It ma y have been the smell of lunch wafting from the kitchen or the after effect of Nod’s exhaustive preparation, but the hopeful victory slipped away in the final 2 ends.

The early break for a sumptuous lunch gave Nod the opportunity for a power nap out on the green before they took on another of the Sutherland sides in game 3 on the back green again. Despite dropping back from an early lead Irish steered his team home again with some classic confidence crushing shots to claim victory and be in the running for 4th place.

Differential dropped them out of the prize money, but a little kudos was earned knowing that the great contest put up against Taren point relegated them to 2nd place by 2 shots to the team from Austral.

Well done boys!

Irish, Noddy & Stretch in the Sutherland Bowlo Spring Triples Carnival
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