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Clovelly Bocce Club

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Clovelly Bowling Club is fortunate enough to be the home to one of Australia’s most active Bocce Clubs. Our mostly Italian players welcome newcomers with open arms. Join in this famous game and play on Sunday mornings. Afterwards play Bingo in the Function Room surrounded by 180 degree views of the Pacific Ocean.


Bocce has a long history in Spain and Italy and was introduced to Australia in the 20th Century by enthusiast who wanted to be able to enjoy playing in Sydney. Unlike Lawn Bowls, each team's bowls are the same colour or have a similar pattern. The little ball you aim for is called a boccino or pallino and the aim is to get as many of your team’s bowls closer to the boccino than the other team’s.


It is a fun and highly addictive game for all ages so come and talk to us and give it a try!


The Bocce hosts several fun nights at the Club during the year including an Annual Lawn Bowls/Bocce Competition when they invite the Lawn Bowl Members to play Bocce before switching to Lawn Bowls for the second round. Needless to say this is an hilarious event and enjoyed by all!


So, why don’t you come along and join the fun?

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The Clovelly Bowling Club Song by Peter Ciani (and a bonus song!)

01 Clovelly Bowls 2Peter Ciani
00:00 / 03:31
Demon On EarthPeter Ciani
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