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Bendigo Cup Fantastic Final

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Yesterday at Clovelly Bowling Club we were treated to one of the best Bendigo Cup Finals ever! Roderick James Roper and Scott "C U Jimmy" Irving battled it out for almost four hours to the delight of a transfixed crowd. Bowl by bowl, end by end, the two brilliant players fought with accuracy, strategy and sometimes magic until Scotty reached 31 points first.

The Club audience and the passing crowd on the Coast Walk clapped and cheered in amazement as the two players fiercely focused on landing closest to the jack. The very fast and often blustery green changed it's character time and time again causing the men to reevaluate their line but nothing changed their determination to win.

At the end of the day everyone was elated by what they had seen and no one could argue that both Scotty and Rick were the winners! (But actually Scotty won...) Well done Fitzy for marking.

Many thanks to the organisers and especially to the wonderful Bendigo Bank for so generously sponsoring our Club again this year! Thanks friends!

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