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ESD vs SSD Competition Day!

On Friday 22nd September 2023 women bowlers from all over the Eastern Suburbs District and Sutherlandshire District came together at Clovelly for a fantastic 21 end, 2 bowl game of 4's. This was followed by a wonderful lunch of sandwiches, fruit and cake from our new Kiosk. Each player was greated into lunch by a smartly dressed sommelier who offered each player or offical a small glass of sherry. Very quaint!

It was wonderful to catch up with all our pals from down south and reconnect with friends we hadn't see for far too long thanks to COVID.

The day was seamlessly simple which was only made possible by all the wonderful women who organised everything behind the scenes. As always, thank you all for your dedication and effort, we appreciate it all.

The craft table was a huge hit as was the Money Grid - and the overall winner on the day was Sutherlandshire District who won the coveted trophy. Well done ladies - let's do it again next year!

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