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2017 Australian Bowls Open Gold Coast Qld

27th June 2017. Gina O’Reilly of Clovelly WBC and Mel Beimeman – ex-Clovelly WBC now Broadbeach BC – entered their first Australian Open and had an amazing experience playing and watching some of the most skilled players in the world.

The tournament started with the singles. Both Mel and Gina were up against three very talented players but held their own in each game and played extremely well only going down by a few shots in each match.

Then it started to rain – Gina thinks the rain followed her from Sydney just to annoy her!

The pairs started well, the first game was against the lovely ladies from South Africa. Mel and Gina were ahead for most of the match only going down by 2 in the last end (both the ladies from SA are members of the SA Commonwealth Games team.)

The rain really played on the next two matches making it barely impossible to deliver the bowl, it was who ever had the strongest arm won the match and sadly it was not Gina and Mel.

Gina writes: “We watched one of the best games of the tournament, the Women’s Fours, Skipped by Karen Murphy and Chloe Stewart. If you get a chance watch it on the BA website Link. Would I play again in the Open, only if I had a long range weather report with an all clear fair weather forecast!”

The Clovelly WBC are so proud of Gina and Mel for their amazing efforts! Margret and Terry Ireland went up to cheer our girls on in Brisbane but we all would have loved to have been there with them!

Melonie Bienemann, Margaret Ireland and Gina O’Reilly

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