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Farewell Kylie, you will always be in our hearts

It is with great sorrow we inform you of the passing of our much beloved Kylie Hartley yesterday at her home. Her friendship and love has been a joy to us all, not only at Clovelly but to every club that has had the honour to have heard her laugh and enjoyed her smile.

Her illness was short but intense however she remained positive and uplifting throughout, which was her way. Her sweetness and humour made this awful journey easier for everyone which is a rare thing.

Her positive input at Womens’ Bowls NSW was an asset to the game. Her mother, Toni, is monumentally proud of her – as are we all. These amazing two women have made Lawn Bowls more accessible and enjoyable for hundreds of women throughout Sydney and beyond.

Their enthusiasm and dedication helped to make Moorefield Bowling Club a thriving, competitive club and helped introduce us to the amazing women from that area.

It’s hard to image the game without her however she has ensured that it will thrive into the future and we thank her for that. There will be holes in the air where you used to be. We love you Kylie, we thank you and we will never forget you.

From your friends at Clovelly and the Bowling community.

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