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Womens’ Club Pairs Champions!

Congratulations to our new Pairs Champions Gina O’Reilly and Carmel Sowden who won against Sharron Scarcella and Betty Skinner. It was a tight final that went nose to nose until the last few ends when Gina and Carmel stormed ahead and won.

The match was watched eagerly by a large crowd of supporters from the warmth of the Club on this blustery and chilly day. The mighty wind caused all players to have to reach into their banks of experience and expertise in order to make it to the jack instead of being short or in the ditch.

This session has been disrupted and interrupted by COVID19 and thus everyone enjoyed finally relaxing with each other (at a safe distance) and watching an exciting match! Well done to all!

Sharron Scarcella, Betty Skinner, Carmel Sowden and Gina O’Reilly.

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